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I Punched A Zombie!

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By Reese | Subscribe: |
We know it's a serious time with the coronavirus situation, but we also know how important it is to laugh, smile and make the best in a tough time. So we hope this story helps you laugh out loud - because laughter is contagious, too!

Halloween was right around the corner, and Reese was excited to check out a haunted forest for her best friend's birthday. She had never been to a haunted forest before, so she didn't know exactly how it expect.

So after driving to the attraction and getting their tickets, Reese and her friend started to wander down the haunted trail. For the first few minutes, nothing really happened. The forest was dark, there was smoke on the ground, and there were cool special effects. As they turned a corner, actors in costumes started to jump out at them and scare them. While her friend started laughing, Reese's heart began racing faster and faster.

Then, Reese's friend started to flirt with one of the actors dressed as a monster. They started taking selfies together and chatting, so Reese decided to walk away on her own. As she was walking by herself, she kept feeling like something was going to pop out at every corner.

Then, all of a sudden, an actor dressed as a zombie pops out of nowhere and got REALLY close to her. Immediately, Reese began to scream. But instead of just screaming, Reese took it a step further and lost control - she PUNCHED the zombie in the face! His nose started bleeding and he had a big red mark on his head, and Reese felt SO terrible about what had happened. Reese's friend came over and started laughing her head off when she realized what happened.

The zombie called over the manager, and Reese and her friend were kicked out of the haunted trail. Reese was SO embarrassed, and she couldn't believe what she had done!

When she looks back, Reese probably laughs when she says to herself, "I punched a zombie!" Needless to say, she will not be returning to that haunted trail any time soon!

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