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I Shouldn't Be Teased For Being Overweight

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Back in 5th grade, middle school years, Andrew experienced a really difficult situation - people in his class started making fun of him for his weight. He weighed more than the average person his age, and he faced a lot of criticism from the people around him for the way he looked. He was teased in public and at school, and it was really hard for him to deal with.

One day, as he was bringing the trash out, a stranger shouted at him and said it looked like he belonged in the dumpster. Then, the stranger threw a cup at Andrew. It was an incredibly traumatic experience for Andrew, and he ran up to his room in tears. Andrew could hardly believe that someone could be so mean and hurtful.

After that horrible moment, Andrew experienced a similar situation while he was out to eat with his dad. A random person in the restaurant approached Andrew's table and started yelling at him, calling him names and saying that he shouldn't be eating. Andrew was so upset, but because he tries to be a nice person, all he could do was sit there and try to ignore him. Eventually, the situation got so out of hand that Andrew's dad had to call security and have the man removed from the restaurant. It was a very scary experience for Andrew - one that he hopes he never has to go through again.

Even though Andrew had to deal with a lot of tough times, he was able to find ways to cope. When he went on the internet, scrolling through social media, apps and websites on his phone, computer or tablet, he was able to connect with other people online who experienced similar situations. He realized that other people faced hardships because they were different, too, and that he was not alone in the world.

Now, Andrew probably says to himself, "I shouldn't be teased for being overweight." However, since he realizes he can't control other people's actions or the mean things that they might say, he wants to let everyone know that no one is alone in the world - there is always someone who understands what you're going through.

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