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I Thought I Was Going To Fall Off The Ride!

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Joyce was with her cousin, Sadie, and they were having lots of fun together at a summer mini-fair. They got snacks and tickets, and they were ready for an awesome day of adventure. As they were walking through the fair, they noticed a really cool ride that seemed to be very popular. Sadie suggested trying out the ride and Joyce agreed.

Joyce and Sadie got in line for the ride, and they waited forever for their turn. When it was finally time for them to hop on, they had to wait even longer for enough people to balance out the ride and make it safe. After all of that time waiting, they were hopeful that it was going to be an epic experience!

Finally, the ride was set in motion. Joyce had her phone in her hand, and she began recording herself so she could watch her facial expressions once the ride was over. It started out as any regular ride - they went up in the air, started turning and began going in circles.

But all of a sudden, the ride started to get really crazy. They were spinning so fast and bumping all over the place. It may have been because she was sitting on the outside - or it might have just been because she had her phone in her hand - but Joyce actually felt like she was going to fly out! She was getting whipped around right next to Sadie, and there was nothing she could do about it. When they got to the very top, their cart did a spin in the air. Joyce could have sworn she was holding on for dear life! She was crying and screaming to turn the ride off, but Sadie just laughed next to her.

Once they got off, Joyce watched the video on her phone and saw how scared she looked. When she looks back, she must say to herself, "I thought I was going to fall off the ride!" However, she admits that it was still a fun experience, one of those real stories, and one of those funny videos came out of it - it probably won't be too long until she gets herself back on another carnival ride!

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