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I Was Rejected In Front Of Everyone

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When Paris was in his freshman year of high school, he had a huge crush on a girl in his class. She was kind, smart and funny - all of the qualities that Paris looked for in a girlfriend.

One day at school, Paris' friend told him that their school was going to have a dance, and he asked if Paris was planning on going with anyone. In that moment, Paris decided that he was going to finally ask his crush out on a date and invite her to the dance. Paris' friend was very supportive, and Paris started to think about how he was going to ask out his crush.

Paris decided to ask his crush out in an elaborate way - simply asking her in person or over text was way too boring. His school offered singing telegrams where students would go into the classrooms and deliver messages by singing, and he decided that was the perfect way to ask her. He also bought her candy and chocolates for an added surprise.

When second period came around, Paris realized that his singing telegram was about to be delivered to his crush. But because he had organized such a romantic gesture, he wasn't nervous at all. He figured that there was no way his crush would say no to such an elaborate proposal.

Once it was time for lunch, Paris was totally ready to see his crush and hear her response. He sat at his table and watched as his crush approached him - surrounded by her huge group of friends. At that point, the entire lunch room was looking at them. However, he was completely shocked to hear what his crush had to say. She appreciated his romantic gesture, but she did NOT want to go to the dance with him. Immediately, his friends started to make fun of him and yell out that he got friend zoned. He must have thought to himself, "I was rejected in front of everyone."

Although Paris was initially heartbroken, he soon realized that everything worked out for the best. His friends ended up giving him a lot of credit for putting himself out there, and he felt better knowing that there's someone else out there that will like him back one day.

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