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In the Future, Broken Devices Could Heal Themselves

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Channel: Seeker
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Scientists are working on technology that could one day lead to self-healing devices. Here’s how it works.

There’s a Microscopic Robot On This Penny That's Built to Go Inside You -

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Five Things You Should Know About Self-healing Technology
“Self-healing materials have the potential to eliminate a vast number of problems, large and small, in a swathe of industries. The technology can smooth over dings on your car door without a visit to the body shop or self-repair cracks in oil-well casings. A surprising number of applications are on the threshold of commercialization.”

Skin-inspired Coating That's As Hard As Teeth And Can Heal Itself
“Self-healing smart coatings could someday make scratches on cell phones a thing of the past. But researchers often have to compromise between strength and the ability to self-repair when developing these materials. Now, one group reports in ACS Nano the development of a smart coating that is as hard as tooth enamel on the outside but can heal itself like skin can.”

This Self-healing Phone Screen Could Mean No More Shattered Iphones
“The Japanese inventor who discovered the polymer was working on a new glue. Graduate school student Yu Yanagisawa found that when the surface of the material was cut, the edges would adhere to each other. You’d need to manually compress the material for 30 seconds at 21C (or room temperature) for the glass to heal and form a strong sheet.”


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