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Incredible Acts of Kindness Caught On Camera

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Incredible acts of kindness happen all the time, but these ones were more incredible than most! Here are the top acts of kindness caught on tape!
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Be Amazed at these incredible acts of kindness! Subway giving free food for the homeless - A local Melbourne Subway franchise decided to give back to the community by giving free food to the homeless every Friday afternoon. Crowd helps disabled fan - Free dry cleaning for unemployed people - It’s hard to make a great impression without presentable clothing, so this local dry cleaner decided to offer free cleaning service for people looking for a job. Runner helps fellow competitor finish the race As Meghan Vogel was about to cross the finish line, her fellow competitor Arden McMath collapsed in front of her. Teens act as pallbearers for homeless veterans - A group of high school teens volunteered to become the fallen veterans’ pallbearers as a form of respect to their service to the country. Elderly couples give necktie lessons - Seeing the young man having trouble tying his necktie, an elderly couple gave him a short lesson on how to knot a tie properly.

Anonymous man treating random strangers - A man from Virginia who wishes to stay anonymous treats random strangers to a meal. Local man shares food with his “Charity Fridge” - Employees help fix veteran’s wheelchair - Barber gives free haircuts - Kid buys smoke detectors instead of PS4 . Crowd saves woman from being squashed by train - Numerous train passengers in Japan banded together to help save a woman who fell under the train. Student acts as “human chair” for elderly woman - Woman offering water to disabled competitor - Even though it might cost her the $10,000 prize, Jacquline Nyetipei slowed down to help a disabled competitor rehydrate with a bottle of drinking water. Restaurant treats family to a free meal - Upon learning that the family’s house was burnt down, the manager of Olive Garden gave the family a huge discount for their meal — 100% off or, simply put, free. “Devil” giving away flowers - No one wants to be lonely during the season of love, so Samuel Whittington decided to give love in the silliest way possible — giving flowers under the guise of a “devil”. Teacher empathises with her student - Reddit user “123ohsnap” told a story about his teacher who empathised with her during his time of need. Anonymous person leaves coat for homeless - An anonymous do-gooder decided to help out homeless people by leaving a coat in the city centre of Plymouth.

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