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Incredible Jumping Man - Origami Model by Aiden Jung and Jeremy Shafer

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Channel: JeremyShaferOrigami
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[Simple] How to fold an origami Jumping Man (AKA Jumping Person) from a square of paper. This model is based on a Jumping Man my fan Aiden Jung and I designed during an online Zoom tutoring session. If you would like to book a Zoom tutoring session with me fill out the form on my website: . My current rate for tutoring sessions is $50 per half-hour session payable via PayPal or Venmo.

The method Aiden and I used to design the original version was to play a folding game where we took turns making the next fold. This game can be played with any number of people! Before we started playing the game we had already decided what we were going to try to make (it was my idea to make some jumping model but it was his idea to make it a person.) After designing the original model shown in the Zoom Meeting screen capture, I revised the model to make it easier to fold and I figured out a rather easy way to make the arms longer and extend out from the sides of the body instead of from the middle.

If you use kami (Japanese origami paper colored on one side) begin white side up. There will end up being a white line that runs from top to bottom. That line is nice to suggest the legs are separate, but perhaps it doesn't look so good on the upper body and head. So I recommend if you are using kami to try to pull the edges together on the upper body to eliminate that white line.

To fold a little-less-tall jumping person, at 2:24 fold the bottom flap to a little above the crease or a fold much above the crease for a much less tall person!

If you find that the model doesn't jump high, I've found it helps to undo the hip, knee and ankle folds and flatten the model and then loosely remake the folds just enough so you can press down on the back to make it jump. You could also try making those folds in slightly different places to get a fresh jump, or better yet just refold the model! In general smaller paper tends to jump better but you can experiment with what is the perfect size. My guess is 5.5 inch printer paper would work really well... thought honestly I haven't tried.

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