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Inside an Antimatter Factory

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Check out Lucie’s tour of CERN on the Cosmic Shambles channel:

If you are a physics kind of person and want to work or do a placement at CERN, go to:

If you ask nicely anyone can visit CERN.

This video is two in a series of three I filmed over there last year. Check out the first one where I go underground at CMS.

The Quantum Theory of the Electron (Dirac, 1928)

Quantised Singularities in the Electromagnetic Field (Dirac, 1931)

Image of the anti-electron is from ‘The Positive Electron’ Carl D. Anderson, 1933 (page 5).

- In the comments Chris Ørum has detailed the different between the two antimatter gravity experiments which are not all about the speed of the particles like I said.
- Let me know if you spot anything else!

Special thanks to Julia Woithe, Jeff Wiener, Benedetta Nirta and the team at CERN.

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