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Inside NASA’s Race Back To Neptune’s Icy Moon

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Could Neptune’s moon, Triton, harbor life? NASA scientists are working on a mission concept that after 30 years could finally return us back to this icy world.

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Next Stop, Triton? Here's Two Wild Ideas to Explore Neptune's Weirdest Moon
“Neptune's moon Triton is one of the strangest worlds in the solar system — and that's why scientists are exploring mission concepts that could give them a detailed look at it.”

Implementation of Trident: A Discovery-Class Mission to Triton
“By launching during 2026, Trident takes advantage of a rare, efficient gravity-assist alignment, to capitalize on a narrow – but closing – observational window that enables assessment of changes in Triton’s plume activity and surface characteristics since Voyager 2’s encounter one Neptune-Triton season ago.”

Is Triton an Ocean World?
“Scientists are reevaluating what we know about Neptune’s moon Triton, and sketching plans for a future visit.”

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