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Introduction to Electric Fields

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A simple and comprehensive introduction to electric fields. Covers the basics like the electric field of a charge, electric field lines and the electric field equation.

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So you put two positive charges together, and no surprise, they repel. Simple right? But WAIT! What IS that mysterious repelling force? Turns out it's the electric field.

All interactions between charges are because of their electric fields. But electric fields are not uniform, that is, they vary in strength depending on their distance from the charge. So how do we visually represent this? ELECTRIC FIELD LINES. Electric field lines give a visual representation of the varying strength of electric fields. They follow two simple conventions: 1 - field lines of positive charges point out, and field lines of negative charges point in - 2 - a high density of lines represents a strong electric field and low density of lines represents a weak electric field.

The definition of an electric field at a point is E = F/q where E is the electric field, F is the force felt by a test charge placed in the electric field and q is the magnitude of the test charge.

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