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Is There A Formula Behind Good Music?

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Channel: Seeker
Categories: Fine Arts   |   Music   |   Psychology  
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What if there was no such thing as bad sounding music? Maybe our opinion of music is conditioned by the sounds we're exposed to.

Can Sound Kill You? -
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Why Not Every Tune Strikes A Chord
"Recent work suggests that every culture may develop its own rather arbitrary rules for what music sounds right and wrong."

Human Brain Is Wired For Harmony
"Stop that noise! Many creatures, such as human babies, chimpanzees, and chicks, react negatively to dissonance-harsh, unstable, grating sounds. Since the days of the ancient Greeks, scientists have wondered why the ear prefers harmony. Now, scientists suggest that the reason may go deeper than an aversion to the way clashing notes abrade auditory nerves..."

Why We Like The Music We Do
"In Western styles of music, from classical to pop, some combinations of notes are generally considered more pleasant than others. To most of our ears, a chord of C and G, for example, sounds much more agreeable than the grating combination of C and F# (which has historically been known as the "devil in music")."


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