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Is There a Limit to How Small Life Can Get?

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Scientists have theorized how small life can actually get, but at what point is it so small, it's not considered life?

Super Bacteria Has a New Enemy: The CRISPR Pill -

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These Ultra-Small Bacteria May Be The Tiniest Life Forms On Earth
“Scientists from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California, Berkeley have captured the first detailed microscopic images of so-called ‘ultra-small bacteria’ that are believed to represent the lowest size limit possible for life on Earth.”
Nano-Sized Molecular Cars Will Compete in the World's Smallest Race
“Microscopic molecular vehicles piloted by chemists and physicists will line up in the world's first nano-car race in France this month — but don't expect to see anything with the naked eye.”

Nanoscale Submarine Bot Delivers Drugs to Cells — Then Self Destructs
“Researchers at Radboud University in the Netherlands began by assembling a synthetic nanoscale vesicle, a kind of bladder or sac that can be filled with liquids or gases — in this case, anti-cancer drugs. Vesicles are commonly produced by living cells, but can also be synthesized in the lab.”

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