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Left Home Alone In A Tornado

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By Chaun'Tovey | Subscribe: | Comment, like, share this story.
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One day, as Chaun'Tovey was just hanging out at home in her room, she started to hear a loud siren outside. She didn't know why the siren was going off, and she was home alone because her mom was at work.

All of a sudden, her grandma called her and told her to collect all of her valuables and head straight to the bathtub. Her grandma told her not to freak out, but there was a tornado warning, severe weather, so she had to listen to her very carefully. In that moment, Chaun'Tovey instantly realized - she was home alone during a tornado!

Instead of listening to her grandma and staying calm, Chaun'Tovey immediately began to panic. She started crying and freaking out, and she couldn't help but think that the tornado was on its way to wreak havoc!

She followed her grandma's instructions and sat in the bathtub, and she then received a follow up call from her mom. She started freaking out on the phone, but her mom assured her that she would be totally fine. Chaun'Tovey couldn't control herself and started balling her eyes out. She was so loud that the neighbors probably heard her!

After she hung up with her mom, Chaun'Tovey got another call from her grandma. This time, her grandma told her to go check the news and try to track the tornado. She reluctantly headed to the TV and gave her grandma the weather update, and her grandma promised that as soon as everything cleared up, she would be right over to pick her up.

Finally, Chaun'Tovey got one last call from her mom who told her that the tornado warning had ended and that she could safely leave the bathtub. Chaun'Tovey was SO happy to receive that news! It was an experience that she will probably never forget, and she will always remember to head straight to the bathroom if there's ever another tornado scare!


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