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Leonardo da Vinci Created a Satellite Map Without the Use of a Satellite

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Leonardo da Vinci most famous for his work Mona Lisa was so much more than a painter. He was a mathematician, writer, historian, engineer, and an amazing invento, just to name a few. He was a man truly and almost eerily ahead of his time. Actually, without a lot of his designs, our world might look like a completely different place today.

Did you know that Da Vinci created what looks like an actual satellite image, and he did itway back in 1502, centuries before the first real satellite photos of Earth were taken in 1959! But da Vincis map is no snapshot from a satellite or even an airplane looking down at a city as it might appear it was hand-drawn! How did he do this in an age long before Google maps or aerial flight was ever a thing?

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How did he create that map? 0:28
What else da Vinci invented:
- The machine gun 1:47
- Robot Knight 2:25
- Parachute 3:00
- Medieval helicopter 3:43
- Diving suit! 4:10
- The prototype of the car 4:53

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- With all his measurements and calculations, the artist set to work drawing out the amazingly detailed, accurate, and, more importantly, informative map. As a military architect and engineer, da Vinci was commissioned to do it by army commander and politician Cesare Borgia.
- But Leonardos military expertise wasnt just useful for map-making he also created the machine gun! It was an organ that had 33 barrels. Da Vinci created it because he thought the canons of the time took way too long to be loaded and fired.
- Moving away from 16th-century military breakthroughs, theres also da Vincis robot. Yes, a Renaissance robot. Or, more specifically, a robot knight that he invented probably around 1495.
- If you google who invented the parachute, it wont be Leonardos name that pops up. But make no mistake da Vinci did create a parachute! His version was simply quite different from the ones we have today. Someone else got the credit for inventing the parachute, but without Leonardos ideas, it might never have come into existence.
- From the skies to the seas, you can thank da Vinci for inventing the diving suit as well. Da Vincis creation was made out of leather, and it didnt have an oxygen tank attached to the back but rather tubes coming from a mask up to a sort of bell that provided air for the diver.
- Leonardo also invented the prototype of something most of us use every day: the car. Although, once again, its not the same as the vehicles we drive today. Da Vincis car only moved forward, backward, and a little to the sides.

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