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Levitating objects in a stream of air.. Coanda effect // Homemade Science with Bruce Yeany

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Channel: Bruce Yeany
Categories: Physics   |   Science  
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Tired of seeing the ping pong balls, beach balls, golf balls or a screwdriver float in a stream of air? I was, so I looked around andfound some other objects that demonstrated the same principles. In my investigations I found that the objects were supported by two different means. Some objects were supported from below directly by the air air stream itself. Other objects used the Coanda effect to decrease the air pressure above the ball allowing the atmospheric pressure to support the object, in some cases it is probably a combination of both methods. This has been a fun and interesting investigation and I was able to find enough objects that they will be shown in at least two parts. Enjoy the video and if you have any suggestions, add them to the comments, I do read them.

My compressor: I had a few people ask about it
it's old and loud, so I ran it outdoors away from the house and ran 100 feet of air line
portable 8 gallon, 2 horsepower, rated for 125 PSI. with 6.3 cubic feet per minute recovery. It was more than enough for these demonstrations

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