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Lightning Flasher

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[Intermediate] This is one of the COOLEST-looking flashers! How to fold an origami LIGHTNING FLASHER (Designed by Jeremy Shafer).

This Flasher was my attempt at folding a Flasher made up of two-over-and-one-down zigzag folds, like how a knight moves in chess. Some of the folds ended up more than two over, but the end result
still looks like lightning. As I was figuring out how to teach it, there emerged some pretty interesting folding progressions numberwise. Since this model is from an odd grid with a 1X1 square in the center, it's technically called a "Simple Lightning Flasher." I also designed an Iso Area Lightning Flasher and I drew the crease pattern for it and that is available to my members for free or can be downloaded for $1 on my website here:

This Lightning Flasher also makes a good spinner if you balance it on the tip of a pencil and blow on one side.

I love how this Flasher looks, especially when partially open... It looks like some sort of fiery spiral vortex!


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