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Lightyear One - Worlds First Long Range Solar Powered Car

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This is the Lightyear One, the worlds first long range solar powered car.


Lightyear One is propelled by four independently driven wheels, so no energy is lost in transit from the engine to the wheel.

The roof and hood are comprised of five square meters of integrated solar cells in safety glass so strong that a fully-grown adult can walk on them without causing dents.

Lightyear One can generate up to 20,000 klms or 12,500 miles worth of energy per year, just while sitting in the sun.

Lightyear One has an exceptional long range on a relatively small battery of 725klms

It can charge directly from the sun, and even if you run out of power while driving you can still drive for up to 20klms an hour, as the car recharges directly from sunlight.

You can charge up to 400 klms or 250 miles per night from any standard power socket, that you might find in a house or hotel, so no special charging infrastructure is needed.

You can fast charge up to 570km or 350 miles worth of energy in only one hour, from any standard power outlet in a home or hotel.

When sitting parked in the sun the car can use excess energy to run its air con to cool the interior

Lightyear will be ramping up production of the Lightyear One in 2021. Buyers can now reserve one of the 500 Lightyear Ones for a reservation fee of 119,000 or $153,000 US Dollars with an expected delivery in 2021.

But to give you an comparative example, the 2019 Tesla Model S Long Range Electric car, can drive for about 370 miles or about 600 klms, and takes about 6-9 hours to recharge, if you can find a recharge point.

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