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Line Riders - Les Toreadors from Carmen | Georges Bizet

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I've synchronized a Line Rider track to Les Toreadors from Carmen (by Georges Bizet). All lines were drawn by hand. Remounting is a newly implemented feature in Line Rider. If the rider and the sled reconvene in a precise way the character can grab back on. It's pretty tough to pull off, so a lot of the tricks in this were extremely tedious, especially when I wanted to "juggle" the sleds between riders. Join me on my quest to make visualizations for all music that has none.

For those curious about the disclaimer:
Most of my Line Rider videos are being used as YouTube pre-roll advertisements for a knock off app called "Line Driver". These advertisements are misleading, because they are leading people to think that my videos represent Line Driver gameplay. Each time somebody views the ad, the view count on my video goes up, but I am not compensated. This is why some of my videos appear to have crazy high amounts of views (Beethoven's 5th is over 87 million at the time of writing this). I'm working with the developer of Line Rider to try and fight this. Hopefully I don't have to keep including disclaimers forever.

Any time a character leaves the screen they are being directed by unseen lines to the next location.

If you would like to support me making videos for this channel here is the link to my Patreon page:

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