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McDonald's Tricks You Fall For Every Single Time

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Since the 1940s, McDonald's has enjoyed a mainstream popularity other fast food companies could only dream of having. For better or worse, McDonald's has immense power and influence around the world, thanks in large part to its marketing and advertising. Here are some of the tricks the chain uses.

Human eyes are attracted to movement, and McDonald's puts this to good use in their marketing with animation. According to Market Watch,

"McDonalds uses subtle animation to direct customers attention away from the lower-priced value meal options and point them toward the pricier ones."

This helps to tempt customers away from their old favorites, like the classic Double Cheeseburger or Filet-O-Fish, and to try something new. These types of animations are so small you could easily miss them. Sometimes it's just a brief highlighting of a word or the spinning of a new menu item's title. You'll see these animations not only on the kiosks, but also on the digital displays and menus at the checkout. The reason it works is because our eyes are meant to track changes in color, speed, or shape.

Additionally, by forcibly moving our eyes around the digital displays, McDonald's is also injecting a wider variety of menu options into our short-term memory. With more options to choose from, it's more likely customers will divert from their usual order for something different and more expensive. Watch the video for more McDonald's Tricks You Fall For Every Single Time!

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The animation trick | 0:00
The health halo trick | 1:14
The menu trick | 1:51
Pricing tricks | 2:34
Cheap tricks | 3:20
The antisocial kiosk trick | 4:05
Clever category tricks | 4:41
The table service trick | 5:27
The wait time trick | 6:16
The mobile app trick | 7:18
The takeout trick | 8:04
Nostalgia tricks | 8:42
Customers' own tricks | 9:18

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