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Men vs. Women: Who Really Gets Sicker?

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Channel: Seeker
Categories: Society / Culture   |   Health   |   Science   |   Social Science  
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Do illnesses really affect men worse than women? As it turns out, they do! Why does this happen?

Why Men Never Get Over A Breakup -
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Man flu is no myth as scientists prove men suffer more from disease
"Men's ability to turn a sniffle into flu and a headache into a migraine has long been a source of irritation to wives and girlfriends. But the new research suggests that they are not faking it and that they suffer diseases more seriously and for longer."

The evolution of sex-specific virulence in infectious diseases
"Fatality rates of infectious diseases are often higher in men than women. Although this difference is often attributed to a stronger immune response in women, we show that differences in the transmission routes that the sexes provide can result in evolution favouring pathogens with sex-specific virulence."

Systems analysis of sex differences reveals an immunosuppressive role for testosterone in the response to influenza vaccination
" Here we used a systems analysis to investigate these differences by analyzing the neutralizing antibody response to a trivalent inactivated seasonal influenza vaccine (TIV) and a large number of immune system components, including serum cytokines and chemokines, blood cell subset frequencies, genome-wide gene expression, and cellular responses to diverse in vitro stimuli, in 53 females and 34 males of different ages."

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Written By: Jules Suzdaltsev

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