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Millennium Falcon - 7 Years To Complete World's Most Accurate Replica

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Channel: Wonder World
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Sean from the Youtube channel Square Models, spent 7 years to complete, the most screen accurate, filming quality miniature replica, of the Millennium Falcon, based on the miniature used in the filming of the original 1977 movie, Star Wars.

This Millennium Falcon replica, is a true size for size, part for part, EXACT Filming Miniature Replica. Meaning if you put the original 1977 Star Wars Millennium Falcon model, side by side with Sean's replica, it would be hard to tell them apart, he also said its the only known, most screen accurate replica ever created.

Sean spent 4 years researching and buying kits & materials, he used over 2500 parts from 150 vintage model kits, over 2000 hours in construction time over 3 years, spent about $20,000 US dollars in costs and took 7 years total from start to finish, to make the Most Movie Accurate Star Wars Millennium Falcon filming quality miniature replica.

The models overall length is just under 6 feet long, and is approximately 4 feet in diameter for the main round body, and just under a foot in height, and weighs approximately 150 lbs or about 68 kgs. It has been mounted on an Engine stand which allows Sean to rotate the model 300 degrees, to give quick easy access to both top and bottom of the model so he can work on it.

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