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Millipedes: The First Land Animals

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More than 420 million years ago ancient millipedes took their first many -- many many many -- steps onto land. Today they remain largely cryptic animals, as there are tens of thousands of species still unknown to science. Associate Curator Dr. Petra Sierwald, arachnologist and millipede expert, is working to create a visual atlas to help with our understanding and identification of these mysterious creatures!

If you find a millipede and would like to have it identified, send us an image! thebrainscoop(at)gmail(dot)com

A massive thank-you to Petra for taking the time to film with us. My love and appreciation for millipedes has never been greater!

Learn more about Petra's research and millipedes on The Field Museum's website:

Photo credits:
Light images by Stephanie Ware, research assistant (read about her work with the Chicago Peregrine Program!

Scanning Electronic Microscope images by Xavier Zahnle, intern.

Additional identifications and support by Derek Hennen (@derekhennen)!

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Twitters: @ehmee
Producer, Writer, Creator, Host:
Emily Graslie

Producer, Editor, Camera, Graphics:
Brandon Brungard
Filmed on Location and Supported by:
The Field Museum in Chicago, IL

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