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Mini-Nuclear Reactors Are Coming, and They Could Reinvent the Energy Industry

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Channel: Seeker
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Nuclear power may be making a comeback as researchers develop reactors that are smaller than ever before.

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NUCLEAR 101: How Does a Nuclear Reactor Work?
The main job of a reactor is to house and control nuclear fissiona process where atoms split and release energy.

Smaller, safer, cheaper: One company aims to reinvent the nuclear reactor and save a warming planet
For now, NuScale's reactors exist mostly as computer models. But in an industrial area north of town here, the company has built a full-size mock-up of the upper portion of a reactor.

Nuclear Power in the World Today
There is a clear need for new generating capacity around the world, both to replace old fossil fuel units, especially coal-fired ones, which emit a lot of carbon dioxide, and to meet increased demand for electricity in many countries.

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