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Most Crucial Mistakes that Shortens a Pet's Lifespan

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In this video, we will discuss the 12 crucial mistakes that could actually be shortening the lifespan of your pet.

Overfeeding, Ingredients and Raw Meat
Regardless of whether you feed your pet wet or dry food, its important to be selective of ingredients. A good food should never contain GMOs, flavoring agents, or corn.
In addition, you should be sure to avoid overfeeding your pets because it can cause obesity and serious health issues. Always monitor the calories in your chosen pet food.
According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, over 50% of dogs and cats are obese or overweight.
Not Spaying or Neutering Your Pet
Vets recommend doing so because your pet will live a longer, healthier life. The process can prevent unwanted pregnancies, the issues that are associated with female pets in heat, and stop males from scent marking with their urine. It also lowers the risk of breast cancer, uterine infections and prostate problems. And no, spaying or neutering will not make your pet overweight!
Exposing your pet to second-hand smoke
Second-hand smoke can be extremely harmful to pets, causing all sorts of problems, such as respiratory issues or an increased cancer risk.
Giving Your Pet Table Scraps
Giving your pet scraps from your plate can harm their digestive system, as it isnt hardwired to digest most of the foods that humans eat. As a result of too much table food, your pet may get diarrhea, constipation, or other stomach issues.
Giving Your Pet Access to Windows or Doors
Your pet should be kept away from open windows and doors. First of all, you risk your pet running away and getting lost.
Secondly, if you live in an apartment or high-rise building, their natural instincts may kick in when they see a bird and they may unknowingly chase their prey.
Bathing Your Pet Incorrectly
Cats rarely need to be washed. The surface of their tongue has tiny spines, called papillae, which act as a natural brush that removes extra fur, oils, and debris. This is why they sometimes cough up hairballs.
While they may lick themselves, they cant wash on their own. Dogs should be bathed once every three months minimum, but its okay to bathe them more often. Your dogs head should be washed last to avoid water from getting in their ears and causing ear infections. Make sure the water doesnt get into their ears, especially if your dog has floppy ears. These breeds are at higher risk of ear infection.
Hamsters shouldnt be bathed in water at all as water can damage their skin and fur.
Not adjusting their collar
Like humans, dogs grow and put on weight. Its important to change the collar size from time to time. The main rule is that your dog should be comfortable. If their collar is too tight, it can hurt your pet. If it is too loose, the dog can simply pull it out and run away. For medium and large dog breeds, two fingers should fit between your dogs neck and the collar. In case of cats and smaller dogs, one finger should fit.
Not Allowing Your Pet Time to Exercise
Dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds need time outside. This time allows them to burn off energy, get exercise, and to tap into their instinct to explore.It can also damage their internal organs, bones and joints.
Not Giving Your Pet Adequate Attention
A pet who doesnt get enough attention can become lonely, timid and aggressive, with their mental health ultimately taking a hit. This can lead to a decreased immune function.
Dental Hygiene and Grooming
Like humans, cats and dogs need regular dental care. Their teeth are often home to hundreds of bacteria and need to be brushed just like yours do.
Grooming is also important. short-fur breeds require minimal care, and long-hair breeds should be brushed more regularly. Grooming helps maintain a healthy coat and prevents matting or skin diseases. And nearly all four-legged pets need to have their nails clipped. Regular nail trims helps reinforce healthy posture and foot structure, and reduces the risk of infection.
Rarely Visiting a Vet
An occasional checkup makes it easy to catch potential problems and illnesses before they cause too much damage. You also want to make sure that your pet gets all their vaccinations
Housing Pets in Enclosures That Are Too Small
A pet that is kept in a home that is too small for them will be prone to stress. Too much stress can make your pet ill, depressed, and even cause it to pass away prematurely. In addition, it can cause boredom behaviors like chewing on cage bars, which can be dangerous.
Spoiled Food
Once your leftover tuna casserole has gone bad, you might be tempted to feed it to your dog after all, dogs eat everything, right? Well yes - but they shouldnt! As we mentioned, your dog shouldnt eat table scraps; but spoiled table scraps are even worse.
It can result in illnesses like food poisoning and problems with their pancreas. Moreover, your pet can ingest toxic mold, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and death.

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  • Emma Added Thank you so much! I have been feeding my dog table scraps and need to stop, thank you for this video