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Most Dangerous Roads in the World

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The most terrifying and dangerous roads on the planet! These are the world's most treacherous mountain passes, highways, and island-hopping paths ever constructed.

What high speed, unpoliced road terrifies travelers in Brazil? Which curving mountain passes frighten motorists in the Himalayas? Find out as we take a look at the Most Dangerous Roads in the World.

#13 Road of the 52 Tunnels (Italy)
Originally built in the early 20th century as a military trail through the compact mountain range of Pasubio, this Italian road is easily one of the toughest to follow in Europe. The combination of loose rock and gravel along with thick fog and battle-ruined cliffs create a lethal obstacle course for the average traveler. This road was constructed in just a 10-month time span and was considered a marvelous masterpiece in engineering at the time. But it hasnt changed much since, and the towering height of the minimalist cliffside trail sends chills down the spines of those ascending the summit. Unsurprisingly, this road features 52 different tunnels, all with specific names relating to the Italian military that originally used it. These tunnels are typically just 6 to 7 feet wide and tall and only allow for people to travel by foot or mule, which may work out for the best. Attempting to drive on a path like the Road of the 52 Tunnels is an accident waiting to happen!
#12 Federal Highway 101 (Mexico)
This nightmarish federal highway spans the Mexican state of Tamaulipas and while the driving conditions arent especially dangerous, the potential encounters that await travelers are perilous to say the least. Gangs, bandits and illicit contraband all roam along this road, with crimes like smuggling, kidnapping, and worse being a frequent problem. Most drivers now traverse miles out of the way to avoid Federal Highway 101 in hopes of dodging the horrific acts of the regions cartels, making this one of the worlds most treacherous roads.
#11 BR-116 (Brazil)
As a federal highway of Brazil, BR-116 is well traveled as it spans the eastern coast of the tropical country. Being the longest completely paved road in the nation it would seem a likely candidate for the safest as well. Unfortunately, this conclusion assumes too much. This highway is consistently jam-packed with truckers and unstable weather conditions paired with a winding, curvy road make this route a nightmarish obstacle course for the average driver. To worsen the matter, police seldom patrol BR-116 and crimes involving human trafficking and armed gangs are a frequent, unanswered evil along the highway. All around, this is not a road you want to be stuck on. Even with a fully paved road, this path on BR-116 is certainly more trouble than it's worth.

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