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My Best Friend Turned Out To Be A Mean Girl

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Grace is a girl from England living in a foreign country, the island of Cyprus, during middle school. As a foreigner, she had some difficulty making friends in school at first because she was so different from the other kids in her classes. Then she met another British girl named Bethany. Bethany was also not like the other students because she too was from England. She was nice and immediately offered to introduce her to other people including Amy and Nicolas. They quickly became friends, best friends, BFFs, spending lots of time together doing all the things that best friends do.

After a few years, they were all still close as ever. Best friends for life! So it seemed. Grace began to realize that Amy was not as good a fiend and she thought she was. For a long time, Amy would insult Grace, calling her overweight, saying she was not pretty and her clothes were gross. Those insults hurt her a lot.

Grace would go home and cry in her room on her bed. Worst of all, is that she wouldn't eat because Amy called her overweight. She started developing an eating disorder, lost weight which went of for a long time all because of how Amy would insult her constantly.

Grace eventually began to talk with her mother and parents about the situation. He mom noticed that she was sad, angry, losing mire and more weight and was not healthy. These conversations and her mum's support helped her to realize and see that she needed to confront Amy. Mom's are like that, giving you some great encouragement. So that's exactly what Grace did. She confronted Amy asking her why she was so mean all the time. Why was she such a mean girl? "Why are you so me to us and why do you always insult us?" She asked Amy.

Amy responded as if Grace and Nicholas were crazy, or being babies and in responded ended up insulting her, calling her an insult yet again. That last insult helped Grace definitively realize that Amy was NOT a good friend and that all these years since meeting her in middle school, well into high school, Grace had been "under her spell" so to speak, allowing Amy to continue to get worse and worse in terms of insulting and belittling she and Nicholas.

And Grace had finally had enough of it. So, she broke off her friendship with Amy, distancing herself from the toxic and mean words Amy would use all the time. Amy denied it all of course, and simply said "Whatever". Grace stayed with her friend Nicolas and eventually went home to find that Amy had blocked her from all social media.

When Grace retuned to school the next day, Bethany revealed to her that Amy had betrayed her by telling other students, teachers and kids that Grace was having a tough time with some personal issues and emotional stuff and was acting like a fool. She was spreading rumors now, one of the biggest acts of betrayal a friend can do.

She was so angry and mad. But, she never said anything in order to not look like a bad person. Instead she would take the high road and ignore it. That worked and now Grace is really happy with her two best friends Bethany and Nicholas, and while she sometimes wishes this hadn't happened with Amy, and they were still friends because they really didi have fun together. But Grace clearly realized that if a person you spend so much time with and shard experiences with constantly insults you even when you've confronted them and asked them to stop, what kind of friendship can that be? Being horrible to someone is not a healthy way to build a true relationship and lifelong friendship.

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