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My Whole Class Found Out My Dad Was In Jail

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By Alycia | Subscribe: | Comment, like, share this story.
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When Alycia was in sixth grade - middle school days - she was ready for a normal day in school. She hung out with her friends and went to all of her classes, and she made her to way to computer class. That day, she had an assignment that required her to stand up in front of everyone and give a PowerPoint presentation on her family.

Right before it was her turn to present, she realized she totally forgot to put pictures of her family on her PowerPoint presentation! She quickly went on online and looked up her family members' names on the internet to see if she could find images of them. Luckily, it worked!

The last person she had to look up for the project was her dad. A little backstory on her dad - Alycia and her dad were never super close. They had some issues when she was younger, as Alycia's dad cheated on her mom, had a baby with another woman and moved to another state. Overtime, Alycia's dad made more of an effort to be in her life, and they found time to visit each other. However, because of everything that had happened in the past, it wasn't always easy for Alycia to feel close to her dad.

That day in computer class, as Alycia was looking up her dad's name online, she saw something she could never forget - pictures of her dad in handcuffs and articles all over the internet about him being arrested. Alycia was shocked - she had no idea that her dad was in jail. At that very moment, Alycia's teacher called her up to the front of the class to present. But because she was so frantic about the situation, she forgot to close out of the browser. When her teacher hooked up her computer to the smart board, everyone in the class saw the articles and news about her dad. Alycia was so upset, and she ran out of the room crying. She couldn't believe it when she said to herself, "My whole class found out my dad was in jail."

When Alycia got home, her mom told her the truth about her dad - he had been arrested, and he was sentenced to prison for 16 years. Alycia couldn't believe that her dad would miss so much of her life.

Eventually, Alycia was able to talk to her dad on the phone from jail. Even though it was so hard for her to accept the situation, she decided that she was going to support her father and still have a relationship with him.

Now, she can't wait for the day that her dad comes home so she can give him a big hug.

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  • Clarissa Added Girl! I lost my dad! Do I care no! My class knows I lost my dad I be bullied! But! I don't care! I love my self for who I am!