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NASA's Plan To Give Our Moon Its Own Moon

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NASA is planning on taking a piece of an asteroid and redirecting it into the moon's orbit, but how is that even possible?

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What Is NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission?
"NASA is developing a first-ever robotic mission to visit a large near-Earth asteroid, collect a multi-ton boulder from its surface, and redirect it into a stable orbit around the moon. Once it's there, astronauts will explore it and return with samples in the 2020s. This Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) is part of NASA's plan to advance the new technologies and spaceflight experience needed for a human mission to the Martian system in the 2030s."

How Will NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission Help Humans Reach Mars?
"A human mission to and from the Mars system could last 500 days or longer, including six to nine months of transit each way. Missions to Mars will need to be "Earth Independent." To become Earth independent, NASA will develop and test through ARM a number of new technologies and capabilities that will directly enable future missions to Mars."

NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission Emerges From First Planning Stages
"NASA will not have to choose a target asteroid until 2020, but in the meantime the agency has focused on 2008 EV5 as a reference. This 1,300-foot-wide (400 meters) asteroid orbits the sun every 343 days. Observations with radio telescopes suggest that the asteroid has boulders of a variety of sizes that ARM could choose from."


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