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Only 5% Of Adults Can Solve These 12 Easy Riddles

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Here is a set of 12 easy riddles that only 5% of adults can solve! Get ready to exercise your brain with this portion of fun puzzles. If you want to check your IQ level and increase your logic, then push the "Play" button :) I will be waiting for your answers and ideas to these riddles in the comments!

00:14 - Who is the thief? Test your attentiveness and boost your analytical skills with these visual puzzles ;)
01:25 - A difficult survival riddle to test your intelligence and increase your IQ! Can you solve it before you run out of time?
03:15 - This is the heist of the century indeed! We need your help, Sherlock, so please rush to the crime scene asap. It seemed to be impossible at all, but still, the diamond was stolen and you have to figure out how it could happen. This brain teaser is for professionals like you only, so don't let us down!
04:35 - This logic puzzle will break your mind into pieces! Can you find the right answer before the time is up? Check out your IQ level now!
06:37 - Imagine that a maniac caught you and locked in a dark basement! What would you do to survive? Can you find the exit?
07:34 - A cool riddle to amp up your detective mind! Follow the clues to investigate this tricky case and reveal the truth. The culprit is really smart but he left some evidence that will help you find out what really happened there. Boost your IQ level with this cool crime riddle.
09:26 - What's similar here? Logic puzzles that will test your brain and ability to connect the dots. These tricky riddles are quite easy, and yet 95% of us (including me) fail to answer them right! You don't really need to be a genius to crack these brainteasers, but you do need to have pretty good analytical skills and the ability to think outside the box.
11:19 - This girl seems to be an experienced robber, so we need a TOP detective to crack this case! This is a cool picture riddle on crime to test your intelligence and attentiveness. If you want to know how to improve your IQ level, start with this short warming-up case!
12:32 - Who stole her diamond? A visual brain teaser to test your logic and attentiveness!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle made you think for a while before answering!

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