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People Creating Next Level Art Using Ordinary Things

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Channel: Mystery Scoop
Categories: Art   |   Fine Arts  
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This video is about people creating next level art, unique and unusual, using literally anything from food, fruits, cardboard, screws, scrap metal and other everyday objects and materials. In this video you're going to see artwork created by many professional and amateur artists from around the world.

Some of the featured art and artists in this video:
- Brian Mock brings recycled scrap metal back to life in a form of spectacular artwork.
- Giulia Bernardelli creates stunning and detailed art from coffee spills.
- Beautiful food and fruit art from Daryna Kossar
- Pizza Art by Domenico Crolla
- Scott Wade turns dirty car windows into art.
- Nadia Luongo recreates iconic figures such as Marilyn Monroe using food and household waste
- Warren King turns cardboard packagings into amazing sculptures
- Watermelon art by carver Clive Cooper
- Ruddy Muddy turns dirty vans into pieces of art [dust art]
- Andrew Myers creates incredible jaw-dropping 3D portraits using screws at different depths and shades
- Cassette tape art by Erika Iris Simmons
- Nikita Golubev, another artist who loves turning dirty cars into art
- Simon Beck walks in snow all day to create giant geometric patterns by foot
- Julian Richardson creates amazing geometrical shapes on sand beaches
- Stone an pebble art
- Ivan Lovatt uses chicken wire mesh to create amazing sculptures
- Meat art by artist Dominic Episcopo
- Tom Bob turns city installations into amusing art
- Russian artist Salavat Fidai carves amazing miniature sculptures onto the tops of lead pencils
- Mona Lisa portrait made up of 3,604 cups of coffee
- Artist Schimmel creates art using any paper waste like junk mail, postcards etc.
- Frederick McSwain uses dice to create portraits
- Eric Daigh uses basic colored pins to create stunning portraits
- Molly B. Right creates amazing portraits out of vintage bottle caps
- Larry Kagan shapes wire in order to create amazing complex images via shade it generates
- Muhammad Ali portrait made up of 1,300 boxing speed bags by Michael Kalish
- Oksana Mas makes beautiful portraits using hand-painted wooden eggs
- Nikki Rosato creates incredible people portraits all made from maps
- Ed Chapman creates cool portrait mosaics using guitar picks
- Christian Faur creates incredibly captivating 3D portraits made entirely of crayons
- Matthew Cusick cuts away pieces on maps, atlases, school textbooks etc. to create crazy collages that look like drawings and paintings
- "The Toaster" masterpiece by Ingrid Falk and Gustavo Aguerre constructed from 2,500 slices of toasted bread
- Artist Nick Gentry paints his portraits on old floppy disks
- Jon Foreman arranges stones in stunning patterns on beaches
- Noah Deledda turns aluminum cans into geometric works of art
- Post-it notes art
- Incredible tire art by Wim Delvoye
- Kader Attia constructions using couscous
- Bottlecap art by Wesley Alan Harris
- Art by Andy Kelly using everyday objects etc.

Please check the video for more interesting examples of art created from ordinary everyday objects and materials.
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