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Planetary Ring Formation is Still a Mystery, Here’s Why

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Many of our favorite planets have rings, but how did they get there? These are the competing theories trying to solve this space mystery.

Jupiter’s Iconic Red Spot is Shrinking, What Could Happen Next? |

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Saturn's Rings: Composition, Characteristics & Creation
“Saturn, the sixth planet from the sun, is one of the most easily identified targets for astronomers, largely due to its large and distinct ring system. The rings of Saturn have fascinated stargazers for centuries, ever since telescopes were first pointed toward the sky.”

Rings Of Uranus Reveal Secrets Of The Planet’s Moon Cressida
“Voyager 2 discovered Cressida and several other moons when the spacecraft flew by Uranus in 1986. Those moons, and two discovered later, orbit within 20,000 kilometers of Uranus and are the most tightly packed in the solar system.”

In Mission's Last Hurrah, Cassini Aims To Solve Riddle Of Saturn's Rings
“Are Saturn’s rings ancient or young? It’s time to place your bets, for NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, which has spent the past 13 years exploring the planet and its moons, is finally swooping close enough to take a look.”

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