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Pluto Could Be Made A Planet Again, Along With 102 Other Celestial Bodies

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Channel: Seeker
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This proposed new definition of "planets" would bring back Pluto, but would also reclassify over a hundred other celestial bodies -- including our moon!

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Behind the Push to Get Pluto Its Planetary Groove Back
"Pluto's loss of planetary status in 2006 remains controversial. Now a new definition is being proposed that would restore Pluto while increasing the number of "planets" in our solar system to over 110."

NASA Scientists Have Proposed a New Definition of Planets, and Pluto Could Soon Be Back
"The key change the team is hoping to get approved is that cosmic bodies in our Solar System no longer need to be orbiting the Sun to be considered planets - they say we should be looking at their intrinsic physical properties, not their interactions with stars."

Should Pluto Be a Planet After All? Experts Weigh In
"Pluto was demoted to a newly created category, "dwarf planet," in 2006, partly because of the discovery a year earlier of Eris, another icy body from Pluto's neighborhood. Eris was thought to be bigger than Pluto until Nov. 6, when astronomers got a chance to recalculate Eris' size."


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