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Positive Contact | Craig of the Creek | Cartoon Network

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Channel: Cartoon Network
Categories: Kids' TV  
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Deltron dropping in with "Positive Contact" to help win the Capture the Flag and save the Creek!

Transmutation, brand new statements
I'll have you gapin' open
Check it out y'all
Now let's see, Deltron Z
Art avenger, let's start the adventure
Hit ya with nerve gas, absurd blasts
Crashin' space craft
I'm bio-enhanced with it
Easier for me to use my search warrant
Drift by a star, absorb it, and store it
Leave tourists porous, my galaxy's gorgeous
Quantum jump, I'm right at your doorstep
Positive contact x 4
Even if the record skips
Take a space shuttle to escape trouble
Bounce through the Milky Way
Not many MC's feel this way


About Craig of the Creek:
Follow the adventures of Craig, Kelsey and JP as they explore the untamed wilderness of the Creek, a kid utopia in their own backyards. Craig leads his besties on imaginative missions to map every corner of this inspired world full of tree forts, paintball battles, and resident Creek kids such as the daredevil 10-Speeds and mysterious Sewer Kids. In this series created by Steven Universe alumni Matt Burnett and Ben Levin, everyday afternoons are transformed into thrilling expeditions, where Craig and his friends can become legends before dinnertime.

About Cartoon Network:
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