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Press the Button Mushroom - 10 in 1 Origami Fidget Toy

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[Low Intermediate] How to fold an origami button mushroom that you can press and it clicks closed, and then you can make it grow by pulling it out again. It's an amazing fidget toy mushroom that transforms between tall and short when you press the button and it does at least 10 other tricks and transformations. The idea to fold a mushroom came from my student, Kiharu, during a Zoom origami tutoring session ( August 7, 2020 ). You can book me for tutoring sessions here: or for monthly sessions by clicking JOIN and selecting 1-1 Membership here:

Here are the top 10 tricks and transformations of this model:

1: Push the Button Mushroom Fidget ( agaricus bisporus fidgetus )
2: Happy Mushroom Finger Puppet (Finger Shield)
3: Spinning Mushroom (on a pencil or stick)
4: Jumping Mushroom (for best results use 3-inch paper)
5: Alien Cannon - Blow into the stem and a ball shoots out the side!
6: Floating Cannon or Snow Saucer Sled
7: Octagonal Table - Tree Stump Table (intermediate step of tutorial)
8: Square Table - Tree Stump Table (intermediate step of tutorial)
9: Catapult (intermediate step of tutorial)
10: White-Eared Cat (intermediate step of tutorial)

Ten Extra Bonus ideas:
1: If you put the tip of a pencil into the semi-circle pocket that you open to form the tall mushroom, then you can spin the mushroom on its side. If you go back to the octagonal table and open that semi-circle pocket then it can be a Pooper Scooper Finger Puppet which can be sculpted into a volcano finger puppet.

2: If you go back to the square table and fold the square in thirds both ways and fold the 4 corners inward to the intersection points, you can have a "+" red cross symbol finger puppet. Or you can fold many other models with that square which can be finger puppets. I recommend trying to fold faces and heads because then you have a built-in neck! Experiment with free form sculpture artwork by opening the big pocket and sculpting the model into a mask or some other piece of art.

3: If you invert the top of the mushroom so that the top is concave instead of convex then it could be an origami bird bath or bird feeder. This will give you a similar effect as the magic cube and if you further sculpt something out of the concavity it will still have the magic effect, similar to what I did with this happy face model:

4: You could run a string or a piece of yarn into the stem of the mushroom and out the side of the mushroom and repeat and you can make mushroom bunting / garland. The fold in the tube of the mushroom will help the mushrooms to not slide, but you might want to put little slip knots along the length of the yarn/string which can be hidden in the stems of the mushrooms and will prevent the mushrooms from sliding down the string. You can alternate this model with other origami models or you can attach other lightweight diy crafts .

5: The mushroom finger puppets can also be called "finger umbrellas." Or you can say you're doing mushroom farming on your fingers!

6: If you make different size octagonal tables and slip them on each finger you can call it a finger puppet drum set.

7: The Nodding mushroom I showed at the end of the video can nod easier if you reverse the fold at the top of the stem back and forth a bunch of times so that it's very floppy!

8: If you fold the mushroom out of 3-inch paper it make a great pencil topper. You can call it a pencil umbrella.

9: If the stem of the mushroom is too big to fit securely on your finger, you can reduce its size by making a little pleat and folding the rim inside to hold it in place (like pegging pant legs).

10: For a challenge try experimenting with this model to see if you can figure out how to evolve it into other models gadgets or funny toys

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