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Ranking Popular Halloween Candy From Worst To First

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Halloween is the perfect time to indulge in sweet treats, but not all Halloween candy is created equal. We've ranked the most popular Halloween candy from worst to first. From Candy Corn to Jolly Ranchers, learn which sweets trick-or-treaters will be in search of this Halloween.

The fact that Candy Corn hits the mainstream every year when Halloween rolls around is so very confusing. It seems like nobody really likes this candy. The few who claim to like it are likely just clinging onto fond Halloween memories from their childhood.

Everything about Candy Corn is terrible. It has a gross waxy texture that causes you to gag unless you're prepared. If you power through the putrid texture, the flavor does you no favors. There's nothing fancy about it. It basically resembles a combination of candle wax and corn syrup.

If Candy Corn is so disgusting, how come more than 9 billion kernels of this candy are produced every year? The only explanation is that it's just a collective bad habit at this point. Perhaps the orange, yellow, and white on the Candy Corn convinces people that this is the quintessential candy of autumn and, specifically, Halloween. However, this Halloween, do yourself a favor and refuse all pieces of this sweet tricolored earwax. If Candy Corn is the only treat available, demand a trick instead.

Watch this video for a popular Halloween candy ranked from worst to first!

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16. Candy Corn | 0:00
15. Dubble Bubble | 1:16
14. Butterfinger | 1:52
13. Hershey's Kisses | 2:15
12. Swedish Fish | 2:44
11. Tootsie Pop | 3:37
10. Milky Way | 4:18
9. Jolly Ranchers | 4:58
8. Starburst | 5:19
7. Kit Kat | 5:50
6. Hot Tamales | 6:37
5. M&M's | 7:19
4. Sour Patch Kids | 8:07
3. Snickers | 8:54
2. Skittles | 9:39
1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups | 10:30

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