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Rare Footage Of Greenland Shark Alive For Over 500 Years Old


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Categories: Archeology / Paleontology   |   Biology   |   Science  
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This incredibly rare footage provided an unprecedented glimpse into the life of a Greenland shark, when two scientists had a chance encounter with the ancient species during a routine underwater ecosystem surveillance trip.

Despite being able to reach lengths of over seven metres long and possessing the believed capability to live for nearly 500 years, still very little is known about the Greenland shark, due to their notoriously elusive nature.

Dwelling in the depths of the bitterly cold North Atlantic Ocean, the secret to this ancient creature’s fountain of youth has remained a mystery for several generations of scientists, but Brynn Devine and Laura Wheeland’s profound encounter with prehistoric shark may help to unravel some of its enigma.

Deploying a baited camera on the sea bed off the coast of Nunavut during a research project on behalf of the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Newfoundland Memorial University, Brynn and Laura were left stunned to see the shark emerge from the murky depths and stare down the camera lens.

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