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Real Life Iron Man Jet Suit

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Richard Browning is the founder and chief test pilot at Gravity Industries, who designed & built a real life Iron Man like Jet Suit.

Richards original prototype suit called the Daedalus Mark 1, was created in 2016 in just 10 months, and he has spent the last 4 years developing it to the current version, now just called the Mark 2.

This Jet Suit, has two mini-jet engines on each arm and a larger one on the backpack, all jets combined produce 1050hp, can fly for about 5-10 minutes at speeds upto 85 mph, and is capable of flying up to 12,000 feet, but in all of his videos, he usually only flys close to the ground under 100 feet.

Richard has developed this jet powered exo suit over 4 years, with the end goal to sell to consumers. You can currently buy one of these suits for $450,000 US dollars, but unfortunately you dont get to take it home, it stays at the Gravity's facility, where the owners must visit to fly it.

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Power = 1050bhp
Turbines = 5
RPM = 120,000
Fuel = Jet A1; Premium Diesel; Kerosene
Dry Weight = 27kg
Flight time = 5-10mins
Current speed record = 85mph
Altitude limit = 12,000ft



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