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Recent Medical Breakthroughs That Will Make You Feel Better About The World!

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The most recent medical breakthroughs bound to make you feel better about the world! These are some the latest innovations in medicine and health care that are likely to improve your outlook on life.

What new medical device fits within a contact lens? What does Pokemon Go have to do with surgery? Find out as we take a look at Recent Medical Breakthroughs That Will Make You Feel Better About The World.

#13 Migraine Shot
Migraines are a widespread problem with more than twelve percent of American households suffering from the affliction. This pain goes beyond the standard headache with throbbing, intense pain often paired with bouts of nausea and even a sensitivity to sound and light. Luckily, a new treatment called Aimovig was recently approved by the FDA. It can be administered as a shot and was shown to lower the frequency of migraines in subjects during clinical trials.
#12 Smart Contacts
The debate between wearing glasses or contact lenses typically comes down to personal fashion preference. But a new development in contacts technology may lead some poor-sighted patients to opt for lenses...especially if they have diabetes. Researchers with South Koreas Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology have crafted a special lens capable of detecting glucose levels in the wearers blood. This breakthrough was announced first in an early 2018 edition of the Science Advances journal and is now bound for human testing as scientists hope to perfect the process. Alphabet Inc., the corporation behind Google, halted their Verily organizations research into a similar project due to difficulty. At this time, some scientists dont believe the process to ever be accurate enough because of a discrepancy in tear and blood sugar levels, though only time will tell how this technology evolves.
#11 Liquid Biopsies
Testing for cancerous tumors is classically not an easy task and the biopsies employed often use uncomfortable, invasive techniques to take solid DNA samples. A recent discovery from the US National Centre of Biotechnology Information found that many of these tests can be circumvented entirely thanks to what they refer to as liquid biopsies, or blood tests to be blunt. By examining the blood, researchers can detect cell-less tumor DNA that circulates in the bloodstream at a frequency of 100 to 1 for every tumor cell in a patients body. In addition to being a more physically accommodating testing method, these liquid biopsies will also ideally cost a fraction of other types of biopsies. This would make them much easier to get done, and on a regular basis as well, giving doctors a greater chance of catching cancer early on.

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