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Repairing Hearts, Brains & Eyes: A Stem Cell Update

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A lot has happened in stem cell research in the last few years. They can treat blindness & heart failure, but are they still controversial?

Will This New Stem Cell Treatment End The Controversy? -
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Stem Cells Help Nearly Blind See
"Researchers say that human embryonic stem cells have restored the sight of several nearly blind patients -- and that their latest study shows the cells are safe to use long-term."

Testing stem cells as possible treatment for heart failure
"Stem cells are being tested at the Medical University of South Carolina as a possible treatment for heart failure with a preserved ejection fraction, or HFpEF. The condition causes severe disability and kills half its victims within five years."

Eye Lenses, Corneas Grown from Stem Cells
"People suffering vision loss may one day have new corneas and lenses grown from their own cells, and be spared the invasive transplants required today, according to research papers published in the journal Nature."

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