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Robot Butterflies FOR THE FUTURE - DEEP DIVE 3 - Smarter Every Day 106


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Download the music from AShellInThePit:
Click to view Deep Dive #3 - Butterflies
Click here for more Information: ⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊ Including info on the Butterfly Research

Check it out! This research has been funded by the NSF!

Here are some Articles on the research:

A Special thanks to Diing-wen Peng and Brian Koopman who each gave me about an hour of their time.

Deep dive videos in order:

Butterfly Takeoff at 2,000 fps

Caterpillar Speed Trick

Nature's 3D printed cocoon

Slow Motion butterfly Puddling

Butterfly Farming is Amazing

Why are bugs attracted to light?

The Magic of Butterfly Scales - Part 1

This is a Butterfly!

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