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Science Confirms That Dogs Can Recognize Untrustworthy People

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Scientists confirm that dogs can recognize an untrustworthy person.
When your dog growls at someone in your home - they may be onto something.
So on our countdown today - we have the top 4 reasons why you should trust your dog before you believe your friends.

#1. Science proves that dogs know when someone is rude to you

Its fascinating to think that a dog can figure out when someone is rude to you!
According to a study published in the journal of Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, dogs can tell when someone is being a jerk.
This research was conducted at Kyoto University in Japan around 2015.
In this study, scientists conducted a live experiment with dogs and their owners.
What they found is enlightening.
The live scientific experiment involved two different phases. In both scenarios, the dog owner would pretend to struggle with opening a package that contained a toy.
Then the actors came in.
In the first case, the hired actor aggressively refused to help. In the second scenario, the actor helped open the container
After the performance - the actors were instructed to give treats to the owners dog.
The dogs accepted food from the actor who tried to help, however, they refused treats from the actor who didnt lend a hand.
And that brings us to #2 on our countdown.
#2. Science proves dogs know when someone is deceitful
Believe it or not, dogs dont respond to unreliable people
Again in Kyoto University in Japan!
But this time with another scientist.
The study was conducted by Akiko Takaoka in 2015.
This research laid the foundation for a groundbreaking experiment as to why dogs trust some people and not others.
And this study wasnt just a paper.
It was a live experiment where researchers believed a dog would go where you pointed if you were telling the truth.
Most people know an obedient dog will go where you point if you are honest. But scientists wanted to test this theory.
They conducted their experiment in three parts.
With 24 different dogs.
On the first test, they pointed each dog to go to an overturned container that concealed a treat.
On the second test, they pointed each dog to an empty container - instead of one with food.
Every dog fell for it.
But heres the problem.
On the third round, they pointed each dog to another concealed treat.
None of the dogs would go for it.
The moral of the story?
If you trick a dog once you may get away with it. But you wont trick them twice. And on the third strike, youre out.
John Bradshaw, who is a scientist from the University of Bristol, in the UK, weighs in with his opinion.
He states that dogs like predictability. So you cant ever mislead them.
Apparently, they know honesty when they see it.
Which brings us to #3 on our countdown.

#3. Science proves dogs can understand hand gestures and body language.
According to animal behavior expert Inga MacKellar, canines will pick up on every move a dog or human makes. Whether its stiff behavior, playfulness, or nervous behavior, a dog will know immediately.
This is because dogs rely on canine body language to assess their own safety when they are around other dogs. This inbred behavior transfers directly to human behavior as well.
So if a person you know is saying one thing - but acting differently - your dog will sense it immediately.
Thats why your dog will bark or growl at a person they think they may be an immediate threat. Even if that person is only thinking of harming you in the future.
Dogs can pick up on unintentional and subtle cues - like when someone is nervous or has anger toward you. This person might seem all right to you, but your dog knows better.
#4. Science proves dogs can read facial expressions.
A recent study published in the journal of Learning And Behavior addresses the subject of whether or not dogs can read facial expressions.
Conducted by scientists from a University in Valenzano Italy, this study confirms what you were thinking all along.
Your dog knows what you are thinking from your facial expressions.
But they know what other people are thinking too.
This is a remarkable study. And it was an experiment where scientists showed dogs photos.
They were blown-up photographs of people with different emotions.
These were pictures of faces that expressed fear, sadness, surprise, anger, disgust, and happiness.
But there was one more facial expression. It was a neutral facial expression.
During the experiment, a dogs heart would actually run faster when they were shown the angry, happy, surprised, disgusted, sad, or fearful photos.
The scientific study showed that when humans exhibit a clearly aroused emotional state, we are doing something alarming.
We are bearing our teeth.
This can indicate to a dog that we are bearing our fangs.
Which of course we are not.
But if you do experience an extreme emotional swing, dont bear your teeth and hug your dog at the same time.
Dogs will see these both as a threat. It makes them nervous and over-excited.

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