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Scientists Are About to Prove a Mirror Universe Exists

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The theory of multiple or parallel universes is one that blurs the line between scientific reality and science fiction. Its a pretty huge topic of debate in the scientific community, with big names on both sides. If you believe that multiple universes exist, then maybe you can feel a little better about having the great genius physicist Stephen Hawking in your camp! He had a pretty spectacular theory on multiple universes.

This is the idea that everything you thought you ever knew our planet, the solar system, our galaxy, all the other stars and galaxies out there as far as our fancy telescopes can see its just one itsy bitsy piece of a really giant puzzle!

What a multiverse really is 1:26
There are infinite mes and yous each in their own universe 2:25
What these universes look like 3:17
What would a parallel version of our world look like? 4:45
How to prove that? 5:32
How could you possibly travel to a different universe? 8:24

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- Up until recent years, scientists were sure there was only one universe that contained everything known to humankind hence the whole uni thing.
- This is now known as the Multiple Worlds theory. So how does it work? You can mostly visualize it like a flow chart that keeps branching off continuously.
- Some believe these universes are like bubbles, totally unseen by each other because, well, we just dont have that kind of technology! Theres also the model that shows universes looking kinda like sheets of paper stacked on top of each other.
- So, what would a parallel version of our world look like? Well, some attributes of our universe may be different, while some are the same! For example, perhaps this parallel version of our planet has grass and trees and birds flying in the sky and whatnot.
- Anyway, before we travel to these worlds, we have to know theyre actually real. Proving or disproving their existence is no easy task.
- The idea is to blast a handful of subatomic particles through a 50-foot tunnel, past a really strong magnet, and into a wall at the end. If some of those particles come out as a mirror image of themselves on the other side, that means science has made a breakthrough of galactic proportions.
- In theory, some scientists believe the Big Bang that started it all couldve been two universes colliding and forming a new one!
- How could you possibly travel to a different universe? Of course, were talking theoretical physics here, so there are plenty of theories! First off, theres always wormholes!
- And, well, theres always Stephen Hawkings theory of how you can travel to another universe: all you have to do is jump into a black hole!

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