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Scientists Discovered A New Way Galaxies Form

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Categories: Astronomy   |   Physics   |   Science  
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For the first time, scientists have found a new galaxy forming in cold gas! How else can galaxies form?

Everything We Know About The Andromeda Galaxy -
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Embryonic cluster galaxy immersed in giant cloud of cold gas
"Astronomers studying a cluster of still-forming protogalaxies seen as they were more than 10 billion years ago have found that a giant galaxy in the center of the cluster is forming from a surprisingly-dense soup of molecular gas."

Which Came First: The Galaxy Or The Black Hole?
"Robert Siegel talks with UT-Austin astrophysicist Karl Gebhardt about his team's discovery of a giant black hole in a tiny galaxy. The discovery contradicts traditional theories of galaxy formation."

Hubble spots a galaxy at only 400 million years after the Big Bang
"When did the first stars and galaxies form? The earliest thing we can see in the Universe is the Cosmic Microwave Background, created about 400,000 years after the Big Bang. The event that created the CMB filled the Universe with neutral hydrogen, which efficiently absorbs most of the wavelengths of light we would normally use to detect the first galaxies."


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