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Scientists Explore the Breaking Point Between Classical and Quantum Physics

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Channel: Seeker
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Crazy, but true: quantum objects can stay cool despite a growing energy supply. To understand how that happens, we must first explore the line where classic physics ends and quantum physics begins.
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In the quantum world, dynamic localization is when a system stays the same temperature even when it has an energy input that should be making it hotter, and physicists have now pushed this phenomenon further than ever before.

A team of researchers investigated mathematical models to see if dynamical localization can still arise when many quantum particles interact.

Find out more about how quantum behavior is essential to our understanding of the universe as well as to the practical development of quantum technologies in this Elements.

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Quantum gases won't take the heat
"A less widely known quantum behavior is dynamical localization, a phenomenon in which a quantum object stays at the same temperature despite a steady supply of energybucking the assumption that a cold object will always steal heat from a warmer object."

The Quantum Thermodynamics Revolution
"Just as thermodynamics initially grew out of trying to improve steam engines, todays thermodynamicists are mulling over the workings of quantum machines."

The Universe Is Always Looking
"In Schrdingers day, traversing the quantum-classical transition seemed like crossing an ocean between two continents: Drawing a border somewhere in the open sea might be an arbitrary exercise, but the continents are undeniably distinct."


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