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Scientists Want To 3D Print Bones in Your Body

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For the first time ever, scientists have figured out a way to 3D print bones using living cells. A team at UNSW Sydney has developed a new technique that's taken us one step closer to directly 3D printing bones into a human body.
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3D printing has revolutionized our world, providing endless opportunities from printing homes, to even modeling organs. And now, scientists are tackling the challenge of incorporating living cells into bone-like structures using a new ceramic ink. This could one day allow surgeons to repair damaged bones by applying ink directly into the injury.

Until now, if you needed a 3D printed bone it had to be premade in a lab somewhere, and the process involved using either high-temperature furnaces or toxic materials. Any living cells have to be added after the bone was printed.

Whats cool about this new 3D printing technique is it eliminates the toxic chemicals and extreme heat by printing at room temperature with a unique new ink on demand and with live cells ready to grow.

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3D Printing Bone Directly Into the Body
Next, Roohani hopes to work with surgeons, dentists and others to explore healthcare and research applications of COBICS, and pursue a path to regulatory approval. In the US, the FDA has already signaled that 3D-printed bone technologies are eligible for FDA clearance.

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