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  • 01:15 What Do Otters Eat?

    What Do Otters Eat?

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    For hungry Asian small-clawed otters at Smithsonian's National Zoo, variety is the spice of life. A caretaker explains what items are on a typical menu. #ZooQs

  • 01:06 What Is a Baby Porcupine Called?

    What Is a Baby Porcupine Called?

    546 views / 1 likes - added

    Baby porcupines are born with soft, fuzzy quills and rusty red fur. Perhaps even more adorable is what they're technically called. A caretaker at the Smithsonian's National Zoo fills us in. #ZooQs

  • 00:49 How Big Is a Komodo Dragon?

    How Big Is a Komodo Dragon?

    554 views / 3 likes - added

    Komodo dragons are considered the largest land reptiles on Earth. A caretaker at Smithsonian's National Zoo shows us just how enormous they can be. #ZooQs From: WILD INSIDE THE NATIONAL ZOO: How to Train Your Dragon

  • 05:44 The Mayor of a Ghost Town (Population: 1)

    The Mayor of a Ghost Town (Population: 1)

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    Welcome to Ballarat, California, population one. Located in the heart of the unforgiving Death Valley, the former mining supply town has been abandoned for nearly 100 years. Were it not for Rock Novak, the town’s only resident, Ballarat would belong to th

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