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  • 03:40 What Are Airplane Chemtrails, Really?

    What Are Airplane Chemtrails, Really?

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    Some think the trails behind planes have mind-altering chemicals, but do they really? Here's the difference between chemtrails & contrails. Why Do So Many People Believe In Conspiracy Theories? - Sign Up For The Seeker Newsletter Her

  • 02:42 Chemtrails


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    This week Reactions is taking science to the skies and checking out the chemistry behind chemtrails, or more accurately, contrails. It’s easy to look at the white trail behind a jet aircraft and imagine all manner of chemicals raining down from above. How

  • 04:14 What's That After-Rain Smell Made Of?

    What's That After-Rain Smell Made Of?

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    There’s a sweet smell in the air after it rains, whether it’s a spring shower or a summer storm. This week on Reactions, we explain the chemistry of petrichor, the smell of rain. Subscribe! Facebook!

  • 03:34 How Do Airbags Work?

    How Do Airbags Work?

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    Check to see if your car is part of the Takata airbag recall: If you’re in a car accident, you want to be sure your airbags protect you. And they work because of chemistry, with some physics thrown in. This week on Reactions,

  • 04:39 How Air Conditioning Works

    How Air Conditioning Works

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    To beat the summer heat, we turn to air conditioning. But that sweet, cool relief isn’t magic: it’s the science of heat transfer and the chemistry of refrigerants. Subscribe! Facebook!

  • 17:22 The Man History tried to forget existed - The Genius Nikola Tesla

    The Man History tried to forget existed - The Genius Nikola Tesla

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    Don’t you think it’s crazy that Nikola Tesla is only now being credited as the greatest mind to have ever lived, he truly worked for a better tomorrow in a time that was overrun by the power crazy elite, would he be happy with how the future t

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