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  • 07:22 The 1796 Election Explained

    The 1796 Election Explained

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    A summary of the 1796 Presidential Election between Federalist John Adams and Democratic-Republican Thomas Jefferson. Check out the list of elections here

  • 04:29 A


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    We've tried many recipes from various 18th century cookbooks, but every now and again one rises above the rest. Today's featured dish is one of these exceptional recipes. It's found in Amelia Simmons' 1796 cookbook, "American Cookery." To purchase the ite

  • 10:48 Party Systems: Crash Course Government And Politics #41

    Party Systems: Crash Course Government And Politics #41

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    Today, Craig is going to dive into the history of American political parties. So throughout most of United States history our political system has been dominated by a two-party system, but the policies and the groups that support these parties have change

  • 03:54 Frances Family of Bell Makers

    Frances Family of Bell Makers

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    From the 19-ton Savoyarde at the Sacr-Coeur in Paris to replicas of the Liberty Bell that can be found all over the United States, the Paccard family has been making bells since 1796. There are currently three generations of Paccards working side-by-side

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