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  • 06:25 1944  - Allies Advance Further In Europe

    1944 - Allies Advance Further In Europe

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    As we go into 1944, we see the allies land at Normandy, liberate France and face Germany in their last major counteroffensive at the Battle of the Bulge. On the Eastern Front, the Soviets end Siege of Leningrad and begin to push through Poland and Romania

  • 03:07 This Rare, Golden Cheese Is Only Made in the Polish Mountains

    This Rare, Golden Cheese Is Only Made in the Polish Mountains

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    Tucked away in Poland’s beautiful Tatra Mountains lives a 15th-century cheese making tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Known as oscypek, the milky, smoky cheese is made entirely by hand by masters called “bacas.” Tradition

  • 04:49 Is Anything Truly Random?

    Is Anything Truly Random?

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    In 2012, scientists developed a system to predict what number a rolled die would land on. Is anything truly random or is it all predictable? Can Game Theory Help A Presidential Candidate Win? - Sign Up For The Seeker Newsletter Here

  • 20:33 Bathrooms Around the World

    Bathrooms Around the World

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    Thanks to everyone who submitted what their bathrooms look like! To submit your video for our next community projects (2 videos: breakfast and holidays), please check out our share your video page CREDITS

  • 09:52 When Humans Were Prey

    When Humans Were Prey

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    Not too long ago, our early human ancestors were under constant threat of attack from predators. And it turns out that this difficult chapter in our history may be responsible for the adaptations that allowed us to become so successful. Thanks to Julio La

  • 05:24 What the Fahrenheit?!

    What the Fahrenheit?!

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    The crazy story of the arbitrary temperature scale used in a tiny minority of countries. Check out Audible: Snatoms are available again! Support Veritasium on Patreon: Celsius didn't i

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