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Seriously, Stop Feeding Wild Animals!


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It's definitely not ok to feed the ducks. Here's what happens to wild animals when you feed them and why it's a really bad idea...

Can Dogs Eat People Food? -
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Why Do We Feed Wild Animals?
"We didn't feed badgers in my childhood home, but we fed the birds in our garden. So do a fifth to a third of all households in Australia, Europe and the United States. Americans spend over $3 billion each year on food for wild birds, ranging from peanuts to specialized seed mixes, suet cakes, hummingbird nectar and freeze-­dried mealworms. We still don't clearly understand how supplementary feeding affects bird populations, but there's evidence that its enormous increase in popularity over the last century has changed the behavior and range of some species."

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Feed Bread To Ducks
"Just watching ducks in a pond can be good for you, thanks to benefits of biophilia like reduced anxiety and increased creativity. Lots of people try to return the favor by tossing food to waterfowl, typically bread. In England and Wales alone, park visitors feed wild ducks an estimated 6 million loaves of bread every year."

Humans Can Give Monkeys Golden Staph Germs
"Monkeys can acquire Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, also called golden staph, from humans, says a new study.
While humans acquired many deadly diseases originally through contact with animals, the new findings show that pathogens can also jump the species barrier to move from humans to animals."


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